PTSD Case Study

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In response to clinician demand, EEGInfo has created the Protocol Guide: Case Study. This video case study expands on Sue Othmer’s popular "Protocol Guide," offering the unique opportunity to experience Sue's decision-making process firsthand.

The Case Study Answers Questions Such As:

  • how to translate symptoms into optimal reward frequencies
  • how to choose training sites
  • what questions to ask and how to correctly interpret the answers

Protocol Guide: Case Study is a valuable tool to assist in understanding the process of protocol development. The case study is not only relevant to PTSD, but is also an educational reference for clinicians working with anxious, high-stress, or depressed populations.

In the PTSD Case Study, follow along as Sue works with Kevin, a 10-year veteran of the conflict in Bosnia. Some of Kevin's symptoms include sleep issues, panic attacks, nightmares, and depression. Watch Sue at work as she determines his optimal reward frequency. See how he changes and how she adjusts her protocols in response. In addition to the awake-state training, Sue's use of Alpha-Theta continues to yield significant progress and by the end of 24 sessions, he is a self-reported "new man." He is sleeping through the night without medication, able to go to the grocery store, the movie theater, and out to dinner for the first time in years.
After completing the training, Kevin writes, "My father told me years ago he was certain that someone would help me. You are the ones."

Neurofeedback Training Summary
Includes all session notes, plus pre-post symptoms and QIK CPT reports

8 DVDs
Complete video recording of Neurofeedback sessions at EEG Institute, including 12 Alpha-Theta sessions.

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