Partner in Turkey

NANOBEYIN LTD. company has been established by Orhan Kilicci in İstanbul/Turkey in 2014. Dr. Kerem Dundar's involvement as a new partner put more strength to the company in 2015. The mission of the company is to ensure the acknowledgement of Othmer Method Neurofeedback in Turkey. Nanobeyin has been training professionals of health and education since  then and providing them the best equipment, software and technical/clinical supervision supplied by BEE Medic and EEG Info Europe. NANOBEYIN's vision is to make Othmer Method neurofeedback applications widely used in Turkey in every city. All of the assets of the company are being used in order to speed up this unstoppable rise of the brain training which will eventually prepare a better world for human kind.


Courses in Turkey will be organized and held by our partner. For more information or registering, please contact them directly.

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